Don’t Let Fall Take You Down

Everyone tries to stay on top of lawn care during the summer and spring but it is just as important to maintain it during the fall. With these six steps your yard will be in tip top shape for spring!

Keep on Mowing

As we move into fall most people assume this means putting away the mower. They would be wrong, continuing to water and mow your yard during the fall is vital. Towards the end of a season you want to drop the blade for the last two cuttings. Doing this will allow more sunlight to reach grass and less brown grass.

Aerate the Soil

Fall is also a great time to aerate the lawn. Aerating means allowing oxygen, water, and fertilizer to enter and easily reach the roots. There are machines available to rent that will puncture holes into the grass. For larger yards you can hire a landscaper.

Rake it Up

Everyone has the ideal image of being a kid and jumping into a pile of leaves but no one seems to ever want to be the ones to rake the leaves up. Even though it seems tedious, the best thing to do is to rake leaves up as they fall. Waiting to rake the leaves up until all have fallen is a bad idea because the leaves will collect rain and dew making it harder to gather and suffocating the grass.

Feed the Future

If you are to only fertilizer once a year make fall the time to do it. Fertilizing in the fall allows the grass more time to absorb it and roots grow more quickly even though the grass leaves are growing slowly. Waiting until the middle of fall then applying a dry fertilizer is best. Being careful not to miss any areas.

Fix that Spot

No one likes a patchy yard. Take advantage of the cool weather and fill in any bare spots this season. Planting grass seed, quick start, lawn fertilizer, with organic mulch. Doing simple steps of combining these things will help that spot grow in and make your yard look better in the spring.

Weed Control

If weeds like dandelions have taken over your yard don’t let them win. They are like any other weed and consume everything that comes their way. Applying herbicide can kill these weeds and won’t return in the spring.

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