Lawn Care for Fall

Leaves Clean Up

When leaves start piling up in the yard it’s important to use the proper tools to make it easy to collect the leaves. Use either a Husqvarna handheld or Husqvarna backpack leaf blower to easily collect all the leaves in your yard. You may also want to consider an attachment for your mower.

Tree Branches and Sticks

Once all the leaves are picked up you cannot forget about the tree branches and sticks. Once tree branches fall it’ important to set aside some time to go and pick them up to ensure the debris doesn’t turn your grass yellow and possible kill your grass.


When you are making the final mow before your grass stops growing, it is important not to mow it too short. Consider slightly raising the cutting height on your Husqvarna mower. Leaving the grass longer than usual will help during winter months.

Aerate Your Lawn

It is important to aerate your yard if you didn’t during the spring. This involves punching holes in the grass to allow more oxygen into the ground.


Plan to overseed your lawn one per year. If you have yet to overseed the yard make sure it is done before the first frost of the year.


If you are planning on overseeding your lawn it will help to apply a lower nitrogen starter fertilizer to help give grass a better head start.


Fall is a good time to consider spraying weeds before they winter. Be sure to avoid spraying any weed control products to your plants.


Living in a state that experiences cold winters it is important to take care of your Husqvarna mower! Whenever winter has arrived make sure to bring your Automower® inside!