6 Tips To Make The Best Summer Gathering

Jul 19, 2017
6 Tips To Make The Best Summer Gathering
  1. Timing is everything, especially in the south. Try to plan on days or even the time with lower temperatures and humidity. This typically means avoiding outdoor lunches since noon tends to be the hottest time of the day.
  2. Another way to avoid the heat is by keeping everything cool. Stay chilly by serving cool fruit and drinks with plenty of ice.
  3. Set-up camp near an outlet so you can plug in fans to keep the air rotating and making it feel cooler even on the hottest days.
  4. Everyone loves dinner parties but not always cooking for everyone. So this summer keep everything simple. If grilling burgers is going to be the star, own it and make some cold dishes you can place in the refrigerator before guests arrive so there is less to do while guests are over.
  5. The beautiful evening can be ruined by swatting mosquitoes. There are a lot of ways to treat either with home remedies or contact your local pest control company.
  6. Life is too short not to sit back and enjoy the beautiful days we have left. So sit back and have a slice of watermelon and make some memories.