August Lawn Tips

During the middle of summer may be hard to think into the fall and winter months, but now is the time to start preparing for the colder months. Here are some August lawn tips you can begin doing now that will be a benefit to your lawn.


Take out the weeds as you see them. A weed here and there will not harm your lawn, but they have the ability to slowly take over your lawn and that can be hard to recover from.

Patchy Grass

Sprinkle grass seed if you start to see the August heat wearing on your yard and turning areas brown. By sprinkling grass seed in those areas and watering daily you will begin to see regrowth in those areas. It is also beneficial to water the lawn in the early morning or late evening to help the water reach the seeds rather than evaporating.


If you are having issues with the lawn absorbing water and you notice it compacted and pooling up, aerating can be a solution. The holes left by the aerator will allow for more oxygen and moisture to reach the roots of the lawn and the soil to absorb the water easier.


Keep it long by using the longest blade setting on your Husqvarna mower. Hot August days can bake your grass and cause it to turn brown. Mowing your grass longer helps to provide shade to the blades and in turn helps the lawn to retain moisture.


Set your watering schedule anywhere between 2 – 4 times a week and is dependent on the type of grass you have. It is also suggested to water either in the morning or evening to ensure the water is reaching the roots rather than evaporating in the hot summer air.


Apply nitrogen-based fertilizer two or three days after you water your lawn. This helps encourage the grass to continue growing and prevent browning and base spots.


Grasscycling is an alternative to traditional fertilizer. Instead of using fertilizer let grass clippings fall back into the grass rather than collecting and throwing them away. The nutrients in the clippings will absorb into the soil when you water the lawn and feeds the roots. Another benefit is that it helps to retain moisture despite the heat.

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