Fall Lawn Care Tips

The temperatures are dropping, and the rain is coming, as we are breaking into the fall season. Here are some fall lawn care tips to keep your grass healthy during this next season.

Cut it Short

Now is the perfect time to cut your grass shorter with your Husqvarna, Walker, or eXmark mower. Depending on the type of grass, but typically an inch or so is perfect. If you typically collect your lawn clippings, consider leaving them out to help fertilize your soil for the next season.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Stop it before it starts. If you are concerned about weeds, applying pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn will help stop the weeds before they come. When applying make sure to read the proper safety guidelines for your grass and to keep you safe.


If you have some bare spots in your yard now is the perfect time to overseed. This will help your lawn look fuller next spring.

Trash the Leaves

While watching the leaves fall may be a great fall activity, too many leaves on your lawn isn’t the best. When the leaves are left to decompose in piles, they may develop fungal growths that can make you sick. Leaves can also block out the sunlight which is the foundation for healthy grass growth. Consider mulching the leaves into fine pieces which will allow you to fertilize your lawn and save time on raking.

Kick Pests Out Now

There are pests that are known to stay in the soil during winter. Fall is a good time to treat your lawn to get rid of the pests that are present, as well as preventing them in the spring. You can limit this from happening by removing any debris like piles of wood or leaves that can lead to more pest problems in the spring.

Limit Your Water

It is important to continue watering your grass during the fall and winter months to keep it healthy, but it does need to be watered less frequent. Typically, your grass needs approximately an inch of water per week.

Winterizing Plants

If you have plants that are sensitive to the winter months, it is important to protect them. Some lawn and garden stores will sell oils that can help prevent moisture loss, while others offer plant guards or covers that can help protect your plants from winter weather.

Aerate and Fertilize

Fall is an ideal time to fertilize and aerate your soil. Aeration helps oxygen get back into the ground especially after all the summer foot traffic. Fertilizing helps replenish the ground with nutrients. It is recommended that your lawn be aerated at least once a year and fertilized at least once before it gets cold.

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