Chainsaw Safety Guidelines

Chainsaws are an essential tool used by landscapers, arborists, farmers, and other professionals involved in outdoor activities. However, while chainsaws are useful, they are also quite dangerous and require proper handling to avoid accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), chainsaws result in approximately 36,000 injuries each year, most of which are… Continue reading Chainsaw Safety Guidelines

Husqvarna Toys

Husqvarna has been a leader in the lawn care industry for over 100 years. Now they are bringing their expertise to the toy market with kid friendly toys that look like dad’s tools. The Husqvarna Toy Line features a variety of realistic looking gas-powered and battery powered ride on toys, as well as push mowers… Continue reading Husqvarna Toys

Friendsgiving Equipment Sale

Looking for some new equipment to help take your business to the next level? Well, you’re in luck! Our Friendsgiving Equipment Sale starts today. You’ll be able to get your hands on some of the latest and greatest lawn equipment available on the market today. Husqvarna Mower Need a Husqvarna mower? This powerful mower features… Continue reading Friendsgiving Equipment Sale

Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Winter is here and so is the crisp air. This means mowing season has sadly come to an end and now you typically tuck your mower away until spring. But before you do that you may want to winterize your lawn mower! Properly winterizing your lawn mower is a critical step in protecting your investment… Continue reading Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Fall Lawn Care Tips

The temperatures are dropping, and the rain is coming, as we are breaking into the fall season. Here are some fall lawn care tips to keep your grass healthy during this next season. Cut it Short Now is the perfect time to cut your grass shorter with your Husqvarna, Walker, or eXmark mower. Depending on… Continue reading Fall Lawn Care Tips