Summer Entertaining in Your Backyard

Summer is in full swing and what better way to enjoy it than to entertain. Here are 10 easy ways to create a great outdoor entertainment.

Clean & Fresh

To start off make sure everything is cleaned. Rinsing everything down at the beginning will help your summer stay easier with only needing to touch up every so often.

Plan Ahead for Seating

Take a moment to think ahead about how much seating you will need. This will give you the time to borrow chairs or keep an eye out when shopping.

Additional Shade

Don’t be afraid to throw in additional shade. In the middle of summer you will enjoy having a nice shady area to sit down. Think of all the possible ways to get shade from vine-covered trellis or shade structures.


Get ready for a long night. No one wants to go inside just because it is dark, so look for alternative lighting. Hanging up string lights can create an amazing environment.

Outdoor rug

A festive rug can make all the difference. Not to mention it can help hide any decks that might need some TLC.


Summer is the peak for so many delicious vegetables. Take some vine-ripened tomatoes and add olive oil and salt and you have an amazing snack!

Beverage Cart

Get a cart, no more running inside and out for beverages. Everyone can enjoy selecting their own beverage from a cart that you have placed outside.

Ask for Help

There is no shame in asking for help. If you have a big event coming up ask a few friends to come over early and help you set up.


Don’t let mosquitos win. To help win that fight be proactive and remove any containers of stagnant water, and change the water in birdbaths.

Cool Evenings

Summer nights can still get a little chilly so be prepared. Have blankets handy for your guests to throw over their shoulder as they enjoy your amazing party.