Walker Mower Power Dump

Walker Mower Power Dump for Model S and T

The convenience of dumping the 7.0 bushel grass catcher from the operator seat is now available for the Model S and Model T.

A dealer-installed kit installs the power ram to lift the catcher, door opening mechanism and a switch by the operator seat to control dumping.

The Walker Power Dump provides convenience and time savings to commercial mowing companies and homeowners alike by giving the operator the ability to dump the catcher box from the operator seat. A toggle switch operates the 12-volt electric ram that provides the dumping and door opening action, which completes in about 10 seconds.

Type: Option
7620-14 – For 7.0 bu Catcher
8620-2 – For 10.0 bu Catcher
Application: Dumps clippings from operator seat


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