10 Ways To Make Your Yard The Envy Of The Block

If you yard starts lacking your attention, it can make you the talk of the neighborhood. We can all use a few tips to keep your grass greener on your side of the fence!

Service Your Mower

Did you know you are suppose to have your mower serviced once a year? Even though we only use our Husqvarna, eXmark and and Walker mowers during certain seasons it’s crucial to make sure your blades are sharp or you could end up with brown patches in your yard.

Add A Fence

If you want your yard to appear larger than it is try adding a fence. Horizontal layers can make your yard appear larger than it really is. You can also add shrubs a little shorter than the fence in front of it.

Make Aerating Fun

Do you have kids who love to run around and love to help? Lucky for you we found a brilliant way to keep your kids active in helping you outside. Looking on Amazon you can find a shoe attachment that will allow your kids to aerate the grass allowing water and fertilizer deeper in the soil.

Try To Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Now days the big hype is moving away from harsh and harmful chemicals and moving towards healthier options. Planting lavender plants or lining your garden with cedar mulch can help repel bugs naturally.

Make It Magical

Creating the perfect backyard can be magical and by simply planting certain plants such as milkweek you can easily achieve that. The milkweed plant attracts monarch butterflies.

Tired Of Bulky Hose Holders?

Amazon is a one stop shopping opportunity. You can buy a copper pot that allows you to hide your essential watering hose somewhere not as obvious.

When Is Too Short?

Everyone has that thought of how time consuming it is to cut the grass. We tell ourselves that it won’t hurt it if we cut it shorter, since we won’t have to make time to cut it for a little while. It’s actually bad for your grass to cut more than an inch off at a time. Cutting more than an inch off at a time can result in brown patches.

Make Your Life Easier

Fertilizing your yard is a very important step, to make sure the grass grows evenly. You can invest in an inexpensive seed spreader. This $20 investment will help save time and help your grass grow evenly.

Get Tested

There is no shame in getting tested. If your lawn isn’t reaching the green color you enjoy go and get your soil tested. Grass lacking a green color can be a result of insufficient levels of iron, magnesium, or other nutrients.

The Last Step

Watering your grass is an extremely important step. It is very easy to either over or under water your grass as it can change based off where you live. However, I suggest that you water your grass between 4am and 10am twice a week.