Spring Lawn Prep Tips for a Lush Lawn

Your spring dream of a lush lawn is only a few steps away. Keep reading tips to help you get the perfect lush lawn.


Preventing weeds can be as simple as properly mowing, irrigating, and feeding your yard! If there are already a prominent weed presence in your yard it is important to take drastic measures. Try using a preemergent herbicide to stop weeds before they sprout. It is also a good idea to remove any weeds from a planter area or garden so they don’t find their way into your lawn by traveling seeds.


What is thatch? It is a spongy layer of dead grass that can build up in your lawn. A normal thin layer of thatch is healthy to have because it protects the soil and roots. However, if it reaches over an inch tall, it can begin to cause weeds, drought, and other problems can develop.


Our mowers can stop working if not regularly maintained. If you didn’t replace your lawnmowers oil and gas in the fall, make sure you do that this spring! Refer to your lawnmower’s owner manual for the recommended type. Also get your blades sharpened! Dull mower blades can make your grass more susceptible to disease! Own a riding mower? Keep a comfortable ride by airing up your tires which will also help to  keep an even cut. Keeping your Husqvarna mower clean can improve the performance and prevent corrosion.

Reseed and Resod

None of these tips will help you make the yard great if the foundation isn’t there. Make sure you reseed or replace the sod if necessary.

New Habits

Keeping up with a fertilization schedule will help keep your yard in the best shape. Make sure you mow regularly as well.

If you have any questions on how to maintain your Husqvarna lawnmower or what mower is best for your needs, email or come in today and talk to our team.