May Tip – Perfect Time To Plant Summer Annuals

Your lawn is waking up and turning green again.  That’s the sign we’ve all been waiting for… its time to fertilize again!  Each type of grass is different, warm-season turfs like hybrid Bermuda and Zoysia like high nitrogen based fertilizers. 

April Tip – Time to Mulch

Winter is officially gone, so now to remove and replace mulch. It is important to remove and replace the mulch each year because diseased spores and insects may have stayed there over the winter. If you don’t think this is an issue for you then freshening up the mulch will create a cleaner look. This… Continue reading April Tip – Time to Mulch

Winter Maintenance Tips

January: A dry winter day can be a great time to mow your dormant grass.  Even if it does not appear the grass needs cut running the mower over your yard removes fallen leaves or pine needles that cover the yard. Running your Husqvarna mower over your yard also helps you become proactive on stopping… Continue reading Winter Maintenance Tips